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10x100 Properties of International Style

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  • Scientific Message L|출간일 2007.00.00
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10개 스타일의 100개 유명한 건축물 화보

Collect 10 popular architectural styles in the world
Select 100 famous properties in china
Review the works won "The Best Preperty Awards"

1. CMOCT Buena Vista in Shenzhen
2. Carmel in Tianjin
3. One HoneyLake in Shenzhen
4. China Overseas Primrose Villa in Shenzhen
5. Southern Paradise in Wuhan
6. Construction of Phase II and III of Forest Manor in Shanghai
7. Geya Apartment in Hangzhou
8. Phase III of City Classic in Shanghai
9. R&F Town in Guangzhou
10. CITIC Forest Lake in Dongguan


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